Welcome to Miller Marine. We are an international marine consultancy providing services specializing in Marine Surveying, Naval Architecture and Project Management.

We are governed by ISO quality standards, our professional institutions and the authority delegated from key Flag State Administrations and EU Notified Bodies - we are fully committed to delivering an efficient service to our clients and will endeavour to improve on any requirement you may have.

Marine Consultants

Naval Architecture


Locations Worldwide

Located worldwide in Palma de Mallorca, Phuket and Miami
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Miller Marine provide a wide range of marine surveying & marine consultancy services in Mallorca.
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Miller Marine provide a wide range of marine surveying & marine consultancy services in Thailand.
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Miller Marine provide a wide range of marine surveying & marine consultancy services in Florida, USA.

A Selection of Our Services

With locations based worldwide we will be able to help to with:

Marine Consultants

  • Project/Refit Management

  • Arbitration & Expert Witness

  • Design & Specification Development

  • Compliance/Regulatory Verification

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Process Management Software Packages

  • Notified Body for CE Marking & Certification

Naval Architecture

  • Lightship/Draft Surveys

  • Inclining Test & Stability Booklets

  • 3D Modelling, Rendering and 2D Schematics

Marine Surveying

  • Statutory Surveys for
    - Malta
    - Marshall Islands
    - Cook Islands
    - Jersey
    - UK
    - BVI

  • Yacht Registration Surveys for:
    - Commercial Compliance Surveys
    - DOC & SMS Audits

  • Independent Surveys;
    - Pre-Purchase Surveys
    - Condition Surveys
    - NDT Surveys
    - Noise & Vibration Surveys

  • Radio Surveys:
    - Registration Surveys & Programming

  • Insurance Surveys;
    - Casualty & Incident Claims

As deputy registrar for Maritime Cook Islands , enquiries to Miller Marine often begin with the statement, “I’ve been told Gary Miller is the man to speak to.”  Certainly, the choice of flag state has become one of the most important decisions owners and/or their representatives must make and Miller Marine can offer an extensive advisory service on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Flag states such as Maritime Cook Islands is a fine example of a popular flag state offering favourable taxation and liability protections under a stable fiscal and legal system. They have a simple and efficient registration process and although they offer a compliance regime following all the international maritime conventions, they don’t impose additional requirements outside of the IMO Conventions and IACS Unified Interpretations making it an attractive option for commercial and private vessels.

For more information on the Maritime Cook Islands, please contact us at Miller Marine. We can guide the process with an easy and efficient evaluation of the yacht owner's purpose and needs.

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