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Training continuing for Talisker Whisky Challenge Team Roaring 40s
27 April 2020

Training continuing for Talisker Whisky Challenge Team Roaring 40s

As sponsors of Team Roaring 40s who are competing in the 2020 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in December, we were glad to hear from the guys that during these difficult times they are managing to maintain their training schedule.

With the current restrictions on movement they have been unable to get back into the water with their Rannoch R25 since the maiden launch back in March so training has centred around online sessions with their personal CrossFit trainer, Cathy Clarke and of course, indoor rowing machines.

Talisker Whisky Challenge

Nothing can compare with real ‘on the water’ training so we really feel for their frustrations and for all the teams who will be taking part in this epic race which, at the time of writing, is still scheduled to go ahead. Obviously in light of the global crisis and the grave difficulties that many are suffering they remain pragmatic and like many other athletes facing disruptions with suspension of the sports calendar and indefinite closure of sporting venues in a bid to help curb the aggressive spread of Covid-19, training is continuing in whatever form is possible.

Dan and Ian are using the event to shine more light on the global environment emergency and you can follow their progress and support them on their Facebook page using the following link:

We at Miller Marine advocate a healthy and active lifestyle and love hearing ingenious ways in which you are keeping your fitness (and sanity) levels up whilst quarantined. From crew doing burpee challenges on the decks to colleagues adapting to home and working life with their families and still finding time to keep their bodies strong and healthy. We hear some of the younger children are participating fully by offering themselves as time keepers and in one case, a live ‘weight’ by sitting on Daddy’s back for push ups! Big kudos to you all!

Our early morning crossfit sessions are now taking place directly outside our back door with our army of supportive gym trainers, coaches and enthusiastic friends sending us motivation using Zoom, Twitch and other online tools for remote connection.

I confess to only once switching off my own camera and sitting watching everybody instead of actually working out. Supporting others during trying times is a sport in itself, right? Keep it up all and we look forward to meeting again together for new and exciting fitness challenges

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